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13 July 2012

The Strength and Conditioning Suite

Meet the Sports Scientist

As Sports Scientist for the 9–16 age groups, it is my responsibility to prepare you, the players, for the demands of the game, whilst always being fully aware of differing growth and maturation rates. 

The work we carry out with the 9-12 age groups has an emphasis on developing technical ability and fundamental movements, whilst improving fitness through taking part in game related practices. From 13–16, in addition to targeting your physical capabilities as a player, we target dynamic flexibility, utilising postural assessments, and analysing muscle imbalances during the stage where growth occurs at differing rates. This approach aims to reduce the incidence of injury amongst our Academy players and provides a personalised approach to your development. My role also consists of specific warm ups/warm downs and nutritional advice.

Players/squads are provided with specific sessions to improve the following:
• Aerobic capacity
• Anaerobic capacity
• Speed/Power
• Balance
• Coordination
• Agility
• Core Strength
• Dynamic Flexibility

All these sessions sit within the NASM Optimum Performance Training Model with the key aim of improving your physical performance and reducing the incidence of injury in an age appropriate and player centered framework.

                                                                                Paul Whitworth

Please click below to download the Burton Albion Academy strength and conditioning documents:

Personal Physical Development and Support Information
Diet and Nutrition Information
Injury Advice and Information
Stretching and Strengthening Programme 13-18
Stretching and Strengthening Programme 9-12

If you require to print any of the above doucments please select: Print/Properties/Layout/Print Type/Booklet to ensure the correct formatting.

The Boot Room

Your syllabus

The Burton Albion Academy Syllabus aims to develop you as a player, an athlete and an individual. Your coaches work on specific aspects of your development from month to month, focussing on the technical and tactical components of your game. 

Technical Development
- Receiving skills
- Dealing with the ball under pressure
- Passing techniques
- Retaining possession 

Tactical Development
- Understanding the 4-3-3 and 4-4-2 systems, both offensively and defensively. 

Development of attacking components 
- Transition from defence to attack
- Movement/interchange of position
- Creating overloads in the midfield and attacking thirds
- Effective use of possession
- End product

Development of defending components
- Transition from attack to defence
- Delaying/denying forward play
- When, where and how to press the ball effectively in units and as a team
- 1v1 defending

The season as a whole is broken down into monthly cycles, with each cycle focussing on a different aspect of your development and game understanding, gradually building throughout the season to introduce, enhance and reinforce our learning objectives. 

Key Objectives
Develop players who can impact on the game to the team’s advantage in addition to developing players who can identify when and where to create overloads in defensive and offensive phases of play.

Tactical Objectives
Develop players that understand our principles of play and the efficient use of movement and overload. Ensure players are fully aware of their role in the team and have the knowledge and ability to be effective. 

Technical Objectives 
Develop players that have the technical skills to deal with the ball in tight areas and to play one and two touch football; receiving skills and passing skills are vital. All players are to be proficient in the skills they need to play a range of positions.  

Fitness/Conditioning Objectives
Allow players the best possible chance to reach their physical capabilities.

Psychological Objectives
To develop young respectable men who love the game and represent the club in the correct manner. Players must be self motivated and serve the other members of the team with the gifts they have, to the best of their abilities.  To develop 'can do' people.  

Please click below to download the Burton Albion Academy individual player tasks:

Player Analysis Task
Player Self Evaluation Task

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