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7 December 2015

NIGEL Clough is back at Burton Albion and relishing the challenge after taking his first training session.

He said: “It was nice to get the first training session out of the way. 

“Coming back was one of those decisions that took some thinking about – but didn’t. The old adage that you should never go back is what people sometimes say but I think you can over analyse sometimes.

“Ultimately, when you look at it it’s a brilliant club, top of League One and the chairman is still here which was the biggest factor.

“We were trying to think of the last time it happened and we couldn’t think of one, apart from maybe when we left seven years ago. David Moyes took over the champions of the Premier League but that was at the start of the next season. I can’t think of an opportunity for a manager to take over a team at the top of the league.

“It is remarkable for the club's first season in League One and that was a concern – as there was only one way to go,” he laughs. “But our aim is not to let that happen and to keep things going as much as possible. It is an unusual situation as usually there are things to do, the club’s in turmoil, it’s been badly run, the team is in the bottom six,  which has happened in our last two jobs but that’s not the case here so it’s a different set of circumstances.

“Burton Albion has moved on a lot in the last seven years, without a doubt. We have to catch up a little bit compared with when we were here before.

“I don’t really believe in destiny, it’s just a set of circumstances that occurred and the chairman needing to continue the good work. We were available and the chairman was aware of what we did the first time and in our last couple of jobs as well. We try to come in, improve things and leave a better club than when we went in.”

Clough believes he’s a better manager now than when he left the Pirelli Stadium in 2009.

He says: “I think you improve - because experience is one of your greatest assets as a manager. Having been a manager now for nearly 17 years and over 1,000 games, that can help as you have seen most scenarios over that period. When you lose a couple of games you don’t get down about it but keep working as you know it will turn around.”

Clough is now looking forward to getting back to what he does best.

“It’s 100mph, 24 hours a day managing at any club - that doesn’t change,” he says.

Clough also confirmed that he has brought two of his long-serving backroom staff with him – Gary Crosby and Andy Garner, who Brewers fans will remember from his first spell with the club.

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