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8 March 2019

BURTON Albion Football Club, Academy and Community Trust is proud to support International Women’s Day.

A large number of women working throughout the various departments across, Burton Albion, Burton Albion Academy and Burton Albion Community Trust.

Commercial Director, Fleur Robinson said: 

“As a Club we are constantly looking for new ways that we can create opportunities for women within football.  We have had great success with our Inspiring Your Future events and are eager to connect with women and girls in a positive way.

"I think that many women suffer from a lack of confidence. That is why events such as International Women’s Day are so important, as they open up opportunities for women to learn from others. It is vital that we reach out to those that are facing professional struggles and help them through mentoring and aiding their personal development, something that I believe we do through the Inspiring Your Future events.” 

Louisa Desmet, Club Secretary, said: “Here at Burton Albion we have so many hardworking, humorous and inspirational women, in which the same applies to the men that work here too. 

"In an industry that would seem to be very male dominated, here at Burton Albion it’s fantastic to feel that gender isn’t something that we are judged on."

Academy Head of Coaching, Hannah Dingley, is one of very few female Heads of Coaching in the English game. 

Despite this, Hannah feels that there is a lot of work being done to create opportunities within football for women, something that she feels could benefit the game at all levels.

She said:  "I think that women’s sport is moving along massively in many areas, such as participation, coaching, administration and management. 

"I think that Burton Albion is a great example of females in management and leadership roles, which shows diversity within the club. 

"I remember having to play football with my brothers because there were no girls teams. At 11, I wasn’t allowed to play in the boys’ teams anymore so I couldn’t play until I was 16. Now girls can play in boys’ teams until 16 and there are a lot more girls’ teams around, which is having a massive impact on the top level and the women’s national team.”

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